General News of Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Source: citifmonline

Oman FM cries foul over Frequency jam

The leadership of Kencity Media operators of Oman FM, the radio stations owned by Kennedy Agyapong is complaining of interference in their frequency which began earlier today.

Oman FM which transmits on 107.1 Megahertz has been on and off air for a greater part of Wednesday, thus according to Morning Show Host, Fiifi Boafo.

He told in an interview that “around 11am, we started getting calls from our listeners that they couldn’t get a clear signal. We originally thought it was from our machines so we asked the head of our technical department to check and after a thorough check we realized that there was nothing wrong with our machines."

It was on Oman FM that embattled Kennedy Agyapong spewed some vitriolic words which have been described as one that could incite violence.

According to Fiifi Boafo, “we checked our transmitters and it was all functioning well but the complaints kept coming in. After a while we lodged a complaint at the offices of the National Media Commission (NMC) and they also told us the fault is not coming from their side.”

He further indicated that the situation has not changed several hours after the complaints at the NMC adding that “I’m currently at Kanda, I’ve been driving from Osu and I can’t get Oman FM in my car which heather to was not the case. Earlier I was around 37 and all through that place the signal was either faint or sometimes all you’d hear is shhhhhh.”

“We’d be going to the NMC tomorrow with the same complain to see what can be done about it.”**