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No round-off in 2012 elections – Spiritual leader


2012-01-03 08:31:13
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No round-off in 2012 elections – Spiritual leade

It's definitely going to be one tourch for Ganawura Togbega Nii Nene Nani Naa Naaba Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, otherwise Ghanaians will be seen as the most fools on earth of the 21st century.

How could any Ghanaian in his right sense of mind vote NDC with the show of boastful arrogancy, disrespect to the elderlies, unholiness corrupt ministers, millions of lies, none of all the promises fulfilled, slanderousness, political divisiveness, institutional corruption at the highest level since history, Highly unaffordable school fees, hospitals turn to death transist halls, roads as death traps, high rate unemployments, social mess and unpresidented lawlessness not to talk of the Fulanis nuisance and unspeakable armed robberries, food insecurity, loans upon loans but no evidence of any infrastructural projects, STX housing deals cealed with the highest national ndc/woyome robbery of the century still fresh in the minds of cheated bruised and vulnerable Ghanaians, how could the hopelessly failed Atta Mills/John Mahama think of winning any elections in Ghana again?

NDC should simply forget 2012 for it is definitely a vote of yes for complete political transformation in Ghana for Nana Addo Danquah, the man with the revival vision.

The spiritualist for not mentioning the NDC as losers has shown a highly credible diplomacy that he chosed not to embarrased the out-going Atta Mills/John Mahama shamefully disappointing government.

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