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No round-off in 2012 elections – Spiritual leader


2012-01-03 08:29:41
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Kwadwo Dwumoh, ur far behind. I regret!H

We are asking African writers, students and journalists to refer to an African God or Gods with a Capital G.
This is long overdue.
Using a small g to represent our Gods, is old school.
We know that some people have sought to demean what we stand for, and have ingrained in us a deep lack of respect for our own.
Centuries of following the Christian and the Islamic Gods have not brought us any benefits.
Instead, as we walk the planet, we see and hear the very people who brought us Islam and Christianity, laughing at us and discriminating against us.
There is a book by Professor Tony Martin on Marcus Garvey. "Race First" is the title of the book. Martin has written that one of the things Marcus Garvey was fighting for, was for whites to write the word "negro" with a capital N.
This means that, before Marcus Garvey and his Universal Negro Improvement Association of the 1920's, blacks were so disrespected that it was routine to use 'negro,' not "Negro."
I know that the Christians, Muslims and Anthropologists will oppose a call for the African Gods to be written with a capital G.
"Honor thy father and thy mother," says the fifth of the Christian Ten Commandments.
Both Christianity and Islam came out of Paganism.
This means that Pagan Gods are the parents of both Christianity and Islam.
One way those religions can show respect for their "parents," is by spelling the Pagan African Gods with capital G.
We say to the anthropologists that we would prefer to know more about machines, not subjects that see us as topics for the apartheid, racist, liberal arts form of education they have fostered in Africa.
We are asking the peoples of the world not to accept the definitions imposed on us by those who want to see Africans as sub-humans.
African Gods are a spiritual representation of ourselves. If you disrespect African Gods, it means that you are disrespecting Africans.
So, we ask our people to use the capital G for our Gods, and not worry about what the other people say.

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