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No round-off in 2012 elections – Spiritual leader

Comment: Kwadwo Dwumoh, ur far behind. I regret!H

Omanba Pa, London-Islington
2012-01-03 06:56:13
Comment to:
Nana Pee Pee Akufo-Addict to resign

Hei! Dwomoh who told you that The Almighty God who created Heaven and Earth speaks to this idol worshippers? Who gave you that advise anyway?

Please, start looking for Jesus Christ to lead you in your life before the judgment day. God bless you this year 2012 to receive your miracle in Jesus name.Amem! Good bye and pray for Ghana as well.

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01-03 00:51
Sampson Madiba-Ireland
01-03 02:29
Kwadwo Dwumoh, ur far behind. I regret!H
Omanba Pa, London-Islington
01-03 06:56