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No round-off in 2012 elections – Spiritual leader

Comment: Ask The gods to improve ....

2012-01-03 06:14:32
Comment to:
President Mills will win with 51%

our quality of lives,good drinking water,basic health care,tell the gods to help us alliviate poverty,stamp out tribalism...tell the gods to help us eradicate malaria,tell the gods to
help Africa develop.
Above all,please send a message to the gods:tell them to help us STAMP OUT our Culture of Corruption from our midst,because it perpertuates ou Culture of poverty....

ps:If the Gods can't help us,then let GOD or Alla in.

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01-03 00:51
Sampson Madiba-Ireland
01-03 02:29
Ask The gods to improve ....
01-03 06:14