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No round-off in 2012 elections – Spiritual leader

Comment: No Round-Off in 2012 Elections

Mama Tula
2012-01-03 03:17:33
Comment to:
spiritual leader- My Response

According to him he has consulted his gods... I am saddened to notice he has consulted his gods.
Irrespective of which party I belong to, what I know is that we have one and only one SUPREME GOD to whom we will bow, the God of Abraham and He is the only one who speaks and never changes. All other predictions from whatever god(s) they are coming from are useless to me. MAY THE GOD OF ALL CREATIONS who can cause fire to come down from heaven and burn other gods rule supreme in the affairs of Ghana and the coming elections - AMEN

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01-03 00:51
Sampson Madiba-Ireland
01-03 02:29
No Round-Off in 2012 Elections
Mama Tula
01-03 03:17