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No round-off in 2012 elections – Spiritual leader

Comment: Spiritual leader,mallam,chief priest,oso

don`t care !!!
2012-01-03 02:38:03
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God forbid

....other stakeholders whose responsibility is to slaughter cows, rams, goats and other divine interventions to avert the calamities that might take place, during and after the upcoming elections,” he stated.=>Spiritual leader,mallam,chief priest,osofo, said...

Hmmmmm!this is what most ghanaians love to hear....& they will slip through the cover of darkness with them cows,goats,rams in hand to go & see this "bring ur cows,goats & rams and i will eat it for you free of charge!

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01-03 00:51
Sampson Madiba-Ireland
01-03 02:29
Spiritual leader,mallam,chief priest,oso
don`t care !!!
01-03 02:38