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Comment: In Fulfilling Human Rights Expectations

G.K. Berko
2011-11-03 10:35:39
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Brace for fallouts from Mills' gay aid defiance -

In fulfilling our obligations to the International Human Rights expectations, we should enter into a serious dialogue with the appropriate entities to explain that our Society still, even in the 21st Century, has not adequately evolved to comfortably accommodate certain values in the West like on Homosexuality. Our acknowledgment of non-physical pain, psychological pain, is still growing. We have to work that out ourselves with little outside inducement. Our Communal conviviality also takes away from our ability to notice any effects a sexual repression could have on folks. Most of us see physical injuries and constraints differently and can readily associate with it than the psychological impact of keeping Homosexual sentiments under wraps. But we will eventually get there.

The West must, therefore, refrain from imposing their Sexual values on us with that kind of directives as PM Cameron gave. There is the likelihood that Ghana, like many other African Countries opposing outright and immediate recognition of Homosexual Rights, would eventually evolve Culturally to accept what the West is expecting of us with those Rights.

The West did not transform overnight to accept the same Rights, either. So, with our level of Social and Educational constraints, it would be unfair for the British PM and any other entity in the West to order us to adopt immediately what took them Centuries to accept.

If the West wants, we can hold a referendum to see what the majority says about that, provided the West would let us be after the outcome of such voting shows the Society is not ready yet to accept open Homosexual behavior in the mainstream norms.

We all know that sometimes the minority has to be protected. What we have is not a persecution of the Minority Homosexuals, but the absence of legal instruments to guarantee their acceptance.

We, largely, treat Homosexuality as a malfunction in the individual, whether or not it can be scientifically proven to be physiological or behavioral. We have a large enough heart to let the Homosexual individual live in Peace and quiet. We may even have some among our own Families that we would not like to see them harmed. But we do not believe we should help them to flaunt their sexuality around as an acceptable alternative to what we consider the normal Sexual behavior. Our Society is still tightly wrapped in Spirituallism, be it modern Religious manifestation or Traditional and Certain things we consider Taboos take a while to be dropped off. It is not the insistence of anyone's dictatorial imposition that changes such beliefs.

The West should understand that Culturally, our Society has not even fully come to grips with displaying some of the blatant exhibition of Sexual attitudes as Hollywood usually portrays. We have not yet even adequately accepted Ladies' skirts that do not reach below the knee. The much exposed 'below the Waist' of the Ladies today in our Media and City life even still remains a challenge to our Tradition.

Hey, it is the same West that sent Christian Missionaries to us to further constrain us from exposing our Sexualities. It is the Missions that imposed the strictest rules on exposing our bodies. Those rules deepened our sense of being more discrete with our Sexual attitudes. Such needs time to disentangle.

People have argued the exposure of our young ladies' bossom as very common even in the rural areas where our Traditional taboos are strictest, suggesting a certain hypocrisy among us that we are more restrictive on Sexual norms than the West. What I learnt from such exposure in our young ladies relate also to their Puberty rites in, say, among the Akans. During those rites, the young ladies are instructed by the older Women to appear more appealing to potential suitors. So, it happens to be a one-time event to show-case the attractiveness, in full, of the young lady in focus.

Generally, however, such exposure among our ladies only go to affirm their Womanhood to the Public, especially to the Men, versus any anomalous nature as would suggest the ladies being Homosexuals.

So, that should not detract from the fact that we have stricter Traditional view of Sexuality than the West. Some who refer to the behavior of Girls in Boarding Schools in having what used to be called "Supi", claim such is a Lesbian behavior and it is common and our Society condones it.

Well, it must be emphasized that such a behavior may be more common among the ladies than similar behavior among the guys. But none is approved of by our Society. Hence, the widespread sense of secrecy about the behavior.

Mr. Cameron must accept the fact that we still seek our dates with initial attempts of operating in secrecy. The guys, especially, still have to sneak in the dark and risk being chased by dogs, and vigilant, protective siblings and parents of their girlfriends', and falling into open drains or gutters around the girls' houses!!!

That is the transitional mode of courtship from the arranged and forced marriage era.

It is mainly in the larger Urban areas where open dating is fast catching on. So, we need some time to evolve our processes and match them with the new way of seeing Homosexuality as well. It does not have to be imposed on us.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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In Fulfilling Human Rights Expectations
G.K. Berko
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