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Sex Tourists Battering Ghanaian Girls/Boys

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Lydia Jones
2011-10-07 08:33:40
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Sex Tourists Battering Ghanaian Girls/Boys

The writer has , in my opinion, alerted us to a what is being done by tourists to naive young men and women in Ghana.

Tourists, mostly white men, are taking advantage of the poverty in Ghana, to abuse young men and women sexually. To a poor young man or woman in Ghana, ten dollars is a lot of money. It can be the difference between going hungry for a week, or having something to eat. So you can see the attraction of these sexual predators to our young people.

A couple of years ago, while I was in Ghana, I witnessed one old and dirty white man, indecently playing with a girl. I told the girl not to allow the man to touch her in that manner. Her childish response was ''papa wei dee saa'' 'this man is like that' In other words we know he loves fondling us, so we allow him, and we get something in return.

Some of these girls are minors. These sexual predators know very well that having sex with a minor is illegal. They also know they can get away with it in Ghana. Why? Because there is no law, and no one cares. What a pity!

So who will defend or stand up for our young people? Who will even tell the world about what is going on?

Well done Mensema, for highlighting the immoral behaviour of these paedophiles and depraved tourists. Thank you.

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Poem - Sex tourists ,,,,
Lydia Jones
10-07 08:33