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Sex Tourists Battering Ghanaian Girls/Boys

Comment: A disappointed PhD failure

James Bamfo
2011-10-07 06:42:53
Comment to:
Those Who Can't Write Articles

Paa Kwesi Minta, what's wrong with you? Do you own this world? You're everywhere, disrespecting and cursing everybody. You hate every PhD holder...even, your own 'kinsmen'. You tried it and failed. You're a loser. You now call a person who has defended Ewes all his life Asarfo just because, he has now obtained his doctorate degree. You're miserable. You're a disgrace to the whole Ewe community on this forum.

Please, do me this favor. Just walk in to one of the Norwegian psychiatrist centers. Tell them, you've got a mental derailment and thus need help. They'll diagnose your condition and give you the appropriate treatment. I bet you, early intervention is a superb treatment. After everything is said and done, please, discard that "shit" because, it is not helping you.

Change your name back to your original stupid Kwawukume and the bout will begin. I don't deal with cowards. And always remember that, Akadu will always remain your "Madam". She'll never abandon you, even, with your stupidity and retardation. She'll take good care of you and pay you well for being her loyal house cleaner. She's a renowned professor. You're a disappointed PhD failure and a junkie.

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A disappointed PhD failure
James Bamfo
10-07 06:42