General News of Monday, 27 June 2011

Source: citifmonline

National Security backed installation of new Ga Mantse - Chief

Nii Okaidja III, a claimant of the Gbese stool, claims the National Security outfit secretly supported the coronation and inauguration of Nii Adama Latse II as new Ga Mantse.

Nii Okaidja III claims he has a copy of a letter from National Security pointing to their complicity.

He accused the National Security outfit and particularly its Coordinator of displaying obvious bias which lends credence to his suspicion of government's support for his rival for the Gbese stool Nii Ayibonte, and Nii Latse II as Ga Mantse.

“Barely a month after the NDC came to office, the National Security Council wrote a confidential letter which was sent to the Chieftaincy Ministry," he told Citi News.

"I happen to have a copy of that letter and the letter said that I, Gbese Mantse Nii Okaidja III was helped massively by (former Greater Accra Regional Minister) Sheikh I.C. Quaye and (former Accra Mayor) Adjiri Blankson" to ascend the Gbese stool.

"That is totally untrue; I have been hearing the same thing being said about the Ga Mantse. I know that the Ga Mantse was not helped by any political party, what they have been saying is that because the Ga Mantse and I were enstooled by the NPP they want to enstool their chief as well and that is why you see someone who is calling himself Gbese Mantse who infact is not Gbese Mantse.

"I put an injunction on him way back in August 2008 for him not to call himself Gbese Mantse and if he is doing what he is doing then it is very clear that there must be some support for him to do what he is doing”.

Attempts to reach the rival claimant proved futile.