General News of Thursday, 9 June 2011


Re: “the Mabey & Johnson Bribery Scandal


…after investigations by CID of Ghana Police”

In the Daily Post newspaper front page publication of Tuesday, 7th June 2011 bearing the above title it was stated, amongst other things, that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service has turned up nothing incriminating against any of the suspects it investigated. The report of the investigation is said to have been handed over to the Attorney General whose duty it is to submit it to the President advising him on the next step to take. The publication concludes that: “All eyes are now on the Attorney General, Martin Amidu, to act with dispatch on the report with many NDC supporters waiting with bated breath for him to hand over the report to the President for justice to be done.”

I normally do not respond to newspaper publications in order to avoid making statements that may adversely affect the rights of citizens whose cases require an opinion from my office. I am compelled to say in response to the Daily Post publication that there is no CID report or docket in my office as at the date of the publication under reference that required any action by me or any of my officers. Secondly, my opinions or advice on police dockets go to the Commissioner CID stating that a suspect be charged; a docket be closed for lack of evidence etc; or that further investigations be conducted along lines indicated in the opinion. I do not submit police dockets to the President for justice to be done as alleged by the publication. The Constitution for good reason did not make the President a judge in suspected criminal matters.

The office of the Attorney General acts in accordance with settled legal and professional principles and ethics which are well known to all who care to educate themselves about them. The innuendoes contained in the Daily Post publication does no good to the suspects in the case, Police CID, the office of the Attorney General, the office
of the President or the credibility of the eventual resolution of the case.

There is no police CID docket in the office of the Attorney
General as of the date of the publication for which anybody’s supporters should wait for anything.

8TH JUNE, 2011.