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Ghana will follow the Norwegian example in oil -Veep

Comment: Norwagian prerequisite is lacking in GH.

2011-04-12 21:55:55
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I am in no way against learning and implementing what is good from others to make our own situation better. What I believe is that, the Norwagians are able to achieve what exists in Norway because they follow certain principles which our leaders will not like to follow. I am sure they have a foundation of quality education for all their citizens. When Norwagians go to the polls to choose their leaders, I am sure there are no blows thrown. There are so many prerequisites we have to satisfy before we can say we can successfully implement what others have done. We must in fact learn all that is good about Norway rather than only about what is done in the oil sector. We cannot implement what they have done if we do not learn their basic principles, some of which you enumerated.

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04-12 18:05
Norwagian prerequisite is lacking in GH.
04-12 21:55