General News of Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Source: peacefmonline

“Sex Torture Behind Castle Video” Is Despicable & Heartbreaking – Anas

Ace Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has described as despicable and heartbreaking the brutality that was meted out to a young lady and his male companion by some former Castle military officers who allegedly forced the pair to have a sexual orgy at gun point, whilst they filmed the act.

In one scene, according to sources, the lady was seen giving the man a hot blow job whilst the man had his trousers and boxer shorts below his knee. The soldier, in uniform was also captured on the video saying “why you no f… before, turn your head then do the thing better or I slap you with the back of this gun”.

The male victim in another scene could be seen with a swollen face.

Narrating the incident on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo morning show, Deputy Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Anas Aremeyaw Anas who newspaper broke out the story, said the military officers who were also patrolling the castle area, accosted the couple and forced them to have sexual intercourse for loitering around the seat of government, the Castle, Osu.

According to him, the soldiers told the victims that the fact that they are walking hand in hand meant they wanted to be intimate with each other and therefore ordered them to strip naked and “do it”.

He added that while one of the officers was shouting out instructions as what and how the boy should go about making love to the lady, the other military officer was filming with his phone. The incident only became public when it was found on the phone of the soldier who had sent it for repairs, whereupon the repairer copied it and circulated among his friends in the neighborhood.

Anas said, after the incident the lady and the gentleman went their separate ways and the lady met and subsequently married a man, got pregnant, but was divorced by the husband when he chanced on the video. The female victim of the brutality reported the case to the paper after her husband divorced her over what is believed to have been humiliation from the wide circulation of the material.

He further disclosed that one of the military officers who took the lady through that dastardly experience has meanwhile become a friend to the family after rendering an apology to the lady. He added that because the officer is a friend to the victim’s family and is well known in the neighborhood, it was not difficult making him out.

The ace Investigative journalist, who commended the Military High Command for giving their fullest cooperation and support in a bid to unravel the case, also added that his editorial team is in deep consultation with them to get to the bottom of the matter.