Entertainment of Monday, 7 February 2011

Source: Leticia Owusu/Ghanacelebrities.com

My 12 Most Annoying Ghanaian Celebrities

We have the sexy and attractive, beauty and the beast, respectable and hardworking as well as the talentless and arrogant celebrities but let’s not forget the annoying and irritating celebs.

Today I need a little help to dissect, digest and elaborate on how our celebrities’ behaviour can be best described. I am not a tough cookie, it’s all about the truth. Just think through as you read this publication and you will see eye to eye with me. Now let’s hit it hard but with caution:

1. Yvonne Nelson: If anyone is not totally tired of her snooty girl attitude this drama queen has been displaying, then I am. Girl, get a grip. If you do not seek some kind of group therapy, your career will continue to go down the drain even further than it already has. You are good at what you do but you need to sit up and fix the weakness in your soul.

So far Ms. Nelson has already been slapped with a one year ban in Ghana and Nigeria, Yvonne, your fans are getting disappointed day in day out.

Your fans love you, don’t you think they deserve more than what you are giving them in return? It’s surely not wise to ‘cut your nose to spite your face.’

2. Mimi Divalish : Best known for her ‘wardrobe malfunctioning’, persistent and tenacious attitude, her talent is highly questionable. It makes me wonder, what really makes Mimi a celebrity? Is she a Ghanaian version of Paris Hilton? Doing nothing, yet getting the fame and money?

3. Mzbel : We have seen those legs and vajayjayso many times. Another celeb flaunting and inflicting her poor wardrobe mishaps at every given opportunity.

Less is not always more Mzbel. How easy it is to predict Mzbel’s stage appearances with the monotonous exhibition of skin, skin and more skin.

When will this girl grow up and dress like a woman? I do love that fact that she has that ability to potray youth and vitality but surly at some point it’s gonna get tired.

At her work? She is a good musician and she has been able to keep her career going despite the male dominance and all the hardship she went through.

Asamoah Gyan: I’m sure you’ll agree 2010 was really a bad year for him. Asamoah really tried our patience though he eventually got what he wanted.

I will cut him some slack, but cutting Ghanaians loose in the last world cup game made him one of my most annoying Ghanaian celebrities.

I bet you that the crazy woman proclaiming her love for him is doing so because of the “obakono no” dance with Castro, not his game on the field.

Undoubtedly, the most memorable event in his career will be Suarez encounter and Ghanaian’s reaction. Asamoah turned out to be Ghana’s Suarez after the exit from the tournament. I am not revisiting, jus checking in on him. I love his dance though…

5. Kwasi Pratt Jnr: Wake up early in the morning for some coffee and Kwasi Pratt will make you miss your breakfast, the most important meal of the day. His voice and choice of words will irritate you to the max. Although, he is versatile, charismatic and truthful sometimes, he really does qualify as a paparazzi! Well kinda like us all here on GC he is a bit of celebrity basher but he takes it to a whole other level, hands down. He is hysterical. He is annoying to me for his chameleon nature.

6. Juliet Ibrahim: Did I just wake up on the wrong side of my bed or is it really true Juliet Ibrahim is the best actress in Ghana? If I am sleeping, please people wake me up. I believe her sassiness is what truly got her a job as an actress, which is never a bad thing but is it enough to be given best actress. I admit she has improved over the years, maybe with time she will become excellent. Until then, her acting is still annoying to me.

7.Jeremie (4syte Tv Fame) : Quick question for readers, is this 4stye TV hostess a Ghanaian-American or a normal Ghanaian upcoming celebrity with a locally acquired foreign accent? It’s really hard to tell nowadays. She fits well in my list of most annoying Ghanaian celebrities. Her fake locally acquired foreign accent is very annoying. Turn off the radio!

8. Okyeame Kwame : Okyeame Kwame makes facebook a nightmare. My linguist, if you need to be reminded, you are a celebrity. Leave certain stories for the press and media to publish for you.

We have heard enough of you and your family. Undoubtedly, you got a beautiful family, but updating us on where you went, did and had for dinner, please, spare us all that, except when you update us on what you did in the bedroom. For that, we will love to hear..lol

9. Rufus (Benie Mac): If I write a lot about this guy, he will end up being the biggest celebrity, so I will just say, “Rufus, enough of your locally acquired foreign accent”.

10. Van Vicker : It is hightime this issue is dealt with. Sexy Vicker, you are so yummy, but escaping from the Ghanaian movie scenes and doing all these Nigerian and out of Ghana movies is annoying. We want you back on our screens and in a Ghanaian movie along side our beautiful actresses.

11. Asem : Fylla ooo, fylla. How the hell can you buzz Confidence, Edem and Asamoah Gyan out in your 2010 fylla single, while there is a whole page of lyrics to be written about your own 2010 lifestyle.

Dude, remove the speck in your eyes before you remove the log in other’s eye. Self acclaimed “propagandist”. Does anyone have an ab-rocket, treadmill or bowflex machine i can borrow for Asem Pigaro??

Here is a remix to your song “Fylla” : testing mic, 1-2, check check, give me a beat: fylla oo, fylla, this be 2010 fylla, Asem gain 142 pounds more, this be 2010 fylla, shame, fylla o, fylla. Should I add the alleged raping of Queenie? Still under investigation so cut the beat.

12. John Dumelo : Surprisingly and unfortunately, he appears on this list. There is no doubt he is cute and a good actor, but I don’t think it is funny anymore, the earlier he hit the treadmill, the better.

John, my birthday present for you this year is that “FYI take yourself to the GYM” Stop flaunting and strutting what one readers termed as “Banku pack”. “It ain’t cute”. It is getting annoying for me