Entertainment of Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Source: Flex Newspaper

Shaka Zulu's Wife Cries

Richard Cobbina a.k.a. Shaka Zulu was enjoying showbiz fame after appearing in two television activities until the unexpected happened to him on Adabraka road in the company of his manager Flex Larbi, alongside a lady friend.

In a chat with his manager, he confirmed that the arrest of Shaka Zulu was made on the 15th of August last year but as it stands, no officer has told them anything on happenings concerning his court arrangements.

Meanwhile, Flex newspaper has visited the wife of Shaka Zulu and her two children namely Agnes Cobbina (6 years) and Alexander Cobbina (9 months) with their mother Theresa Kottey who is now selling oranges to be able to cater for her children at Teshie Nungua environs. Upon hearing the woes of mother and children, the best we thought we could do was to look for the man in the grips of police at the Accra Central Police station:-

What Shaka said:-

“I have been here for the past five months but I still do not know when I will be processed for court since nobody has told me anything so far.

Though I have not been getting any bad treatment from the people here, I still think my time is being wasted in cells as I had so many things I wanted to do when the arrest happened. Whiles in cells, I heard some people saying I granted an interview to a newspaper in which I admitted the robbery.

All those were allegations which do not have basis. I have never admitted to any robbery since my arrest. Nobody has spoken with me even till now. I never told anybody I needed money for an outdooring of my baby.

So what is his lawyer saying about the whole ordeal? “He has informed me that, I will be processed for court on 7th February so I am praying to God that at least they will send me to court for me to know my situation in this case”, he added. In a separate interview with the wife of Shaka Zulu, Theresa Kottey, she also said that since her husband was arrested, she has been going through difficult times as a single parent. “Now the eldest one is living with Shaka’s manager.

Mr. Felix Larbi also gave me GH¢20 to start selling oranges in front of my house but I am not getting enough from it. Life is so hard for me taking care of the two children, now Aggie is out of school because we cannot afford her fees and feeding fee. I am pleading with the police officers to help me out of the issue” ,she said with tears on her face.