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37% of Ghana's Farmland Recolonized

Comment: Re: A house divided against itself can't sta

Mensah Abrampa
2010-09-19 15:13:14
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A house divided against itself can't sta

You're absolutely right. Political and traditional leaders want to keep us divided , not for our benefit, but for their selfish purposes.None of them is talking about unity when unity is what we need most,especially now. What I learned from the just ended WC is that though our boys are not anywhere near the best Ghana has ever assembled in terms of skills their performance was the best ever and has improved our FIFA ranking as a nation. Their secret and weapon was UNITY, unity in mind, spirit, and purpose. Even Ruud Gullit made mention of that when he remarked that in the other african nations their players are all about themselves whereas Ghana plays as a team. Thats what we need to do as a nation. Not as NDC, NPP, or CPP sympathisers who see no wrong when their party is in power, or as Ewe, asante, ga, frafra,fanti, kusasi, etc.but as one nation, one people, one destiny. I'm surprised that bigotry is rewarded in ghana. Kofi Awoonor Williams said he is first an Ewe and second a ghanaian and supported those who said Rawlings 31 Dec coup was meant to break the Akan hegemony and replace it with an Ewe hegemony.How could a man like this be rewarded with chairmanship of the council of state? Are there not enough ghanaians whose utterances are less inflammatory and who would seek a national agenda than this self confessed tribal bigot to hold such a sensitive position which for all intents and purposes is to bring and keep ghanaians together and help prevent and resolve conflicts among ghanaians? How could a coup that takes from one ethnicity and give to another bring a united ghana? It only widens the divide. We should look for leaders who will unite us as a nation and not those who are so bigoted and keep making inflammatory speeches whenever they have the opportunity. Like I have said elsewhere we can only have peace and unity when we know its merits and when we create a society where there is absolute equality for all ghanaians,a society where you wont have to get a job because of your tribe or political party affiliation or college oldboy or even religion or sex, etc, a society where there is equal justice and equal opportunity for all ghanaians, a society where there is respect for all whether rich or poor, or whether from the north or the south.Minorities or groups tend to cling or stick together when the system is known to be unfair to some people for one reason or the other.This state of affairs create insecurity which in turn creates fear and panic. YES, I AGREE WITH YOU ABSOLUTELY THAT THERE MUST BE A ONE GHANA AGENDA BEFORE OUR HOUSE CAN STAND. LETS SAY NO TO ALL WHO PREACH DISUNITY IN WHATEVER FORM. LONG LIVE GHANA.

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09-17 20:02
Re: A house divided against itself can't sta
Mensah Abrampa
09-19 15:13