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37% of Ghana's Farmland Recolonized


Mensah Abrampa
2010-09-19 14:10:03
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Look at this rubbish article

Seek and ye shall find. Very soon your bubble will burst and you will find no hiding place. Our problem has always been not just a lack of knowledge but also a desire for it and where there is no knowledge, there is always a lack of vision and where there is a lack of vision, people perish.How hard it is for some people to take criticism not personally but in good faith.And even harder is to self-critique.Its not weakness but strength. Some people dont want to know the truth about themselves. I believe Mr. Mister, you are one of such people. The Jews constantly remind themselves of the holocaust and they say "never again." Its only black folks who choose not to be reminded of their past and choose to live in the fools' paradise hoping all would be well.Wake up, take of your dark glasses,and look at reality in the face before it sweeps you off your feet and off the face of the earth. Dont be blinded by partisan politics. In the pre-colonial days, our people were blinded and divided by tribalism, the europeans saw the disunity and divide,took advantage and encouraged it and succeeded in getting a foothold in Africa. The rest of the story is perhaps known to every true son of the land except the idiots who refuse to learn from the past and take advantage of its lessons and wisdom. The story is about to be replayed. What have you learned? Nothing? If you havent, learn from others,including this writer.

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09-17 20:02
Mensah Abrampa
09-19 14:10