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Major new oil field Discovered in Ghana

Comment: Beware, They May Call You Socialist...

G.K. Berko.
2010-08-23 13:53:02
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Kojo, you are darn right about that! This is why I and many others prefer not to Politicize the issue but would rather have us wisely assess everything sanely and with a collective purpose of making the best out of it. We should not always take a small bait that we may enjoy individually only today, at the expense of lasting and far-reaching general benefit to us.

It is sad that when the Kosmos-EO Group case surfaced, many rushed to condemn the Government as being jealous of the pro-NPP EO Group and began vicious divisive Politiking on it. How could any true Ghanaian denounce any efforts by our Officials to secure more Shares for us and be part of a grand scheme by the Kosmos and its lobbysts to drive the US Consulate in Ghana to employ coercive bullying tactics in forcing the Government to accept the deals as it stood from the beginning? We should give credit where due and commend the EO Group for any genuine initiative it took to reach this point in the Oil Exploitation. But we should not lose sight of our mutual responsibility to the Nation, ignoring the essence of winning most of the Shares for Ghana.

I strongly believe that in the larger spectrum, the $200 Million to the EO Group is only a stipend, especially if the Nation were able to retain, say, 40-55% of the Shares. Meanwhile, the whole Nation is said to be assigned only 10% of the Jubilee shares while the EO Group of a partnership of only 2 fellas take home 3%. That is what tests the patience of most of us, in spite of the fact that all is legally enshrouded in a Contract.

Contracts are made by men and many are bad ones. And many Ghanaians feel we have been given a raw deal, which was accepted by people in Government that had some personal interest in it.

I remember when, during Kutu Acheampong's era, the little Oil found at Saltpond became a Nationally disgraceful mess that had only 10-12% share for the Nation and many swore not to have such deals anymore.

Well, with Jubilee, the Politicians turned Businessmen overnight, saw an exclusive refined way to secure their personal share of the find to the detriment of all. Only in Africa can such moronic acquiescence to foreign 'business fraud' could be entertained.

So, yes, we have been had! Plain and simple.

Long Live Ghana!!

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Beware, They May Call You Socialist...
G.K. Berko.
08-23 13:53