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Government says it does not owe GIA workers


Simpa Aponchie
2010-07-16 15:46:52
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Government says it does not owe GIA workers

Why shouldn't GIA management expect a bailout from Mills after chopping money left and right and driving the company into bankruptcy? After all hasn't Mills made it his priority to reward Rawlings and Kufuor when it is clear they have caused financial loss to the state? Rawling did nothing for housing in Ghana in the almost 20 years he ruled. He sold Ghana Cement and pocketed receipts as well as bribes. Yet Mills is rewarding him with a self-designed, state-paid mansion. Kufuor "crashed" Ghana Airways, then sold its vast real estate as well as other state-owned houses in the capital and other parts of Ghana at give-away prices to party cronies. Yet Mills is rewarding Kufuor with a state-house to use as an office instead of telling Kufuor there are no available state-houses to be assigned to him due to his dongomi job on state properties. The house assigned to K4 deprives a deserving civil servant of state accomodation. Likewise resources assigned to Rawlings' accomodation deprive deserving state institutions of money for maintenance and renovation.

Mills is encouraging a reckless looter and "free bonto" mentality in Ghana.

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