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Dentist Championed African-American Community In Ghana

Comment: You are so blind, Akadu

Ahomka Wom
2010-07-15 09:55:14
Comment to:

Akadu, what do you really understand by Eurocentricism or (neo)-colonialism and such things? You see everything in those lights yet you are perched up (or is it even down) there in the US and won't go back to Ghana and show your blackness and "Africanity". You write poems and tell us that you are PhD and Professor forgetting that these are "Eurocentric" terms that we in Africa also borrowed. The kind of education you had from Ghana was Eurocentric and you followed the Eurocentricism to US to continue in the same vein. Yet you rail stupidly at everything that someone else says on this forum. Dr Lee was a Westerner (Eurocentric) who discarded his western roots to serve Africans in Ghana for several years. What is Eurocentric about praising the man when he has gone on?

Jeez, Akadu, you will never learn anything.

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07-15 01:49
You are so blind, Akadu
Ahomka Wom
07-15 09:55
samuel Tackie(London)
07-15 14:40