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Dentist Championed African-American Community In Ghana

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2010-07-15 06:02:20
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Dr. Lee

Living up to 90 years should be considered a blessing, especially under the intense african sunlight heat, not to mention that africans have suddenly become westernised with avid consumptions that pollute the environment......big cars and range rovers gas/ petrol guzzling and pouring poisonous exhaust fumes into the air which get forced down by the heavy down-pour rains, contaminating water bodies.
Living up to 100 is considered a remarkable achievement and 90 is nearing to that mark. From 75....80....the brain cells begin to deteriorate and most people lose their physical ability to function well.... so, we say,..... bravo ! to Dr. Lee to have reached 90 before leaving us .
With regard to dental health, most people would not need serious emergency treatment if only they follow basic natural diet that preclude the use of "modern sweetener......white cane sugar " in any food. Excessive use of natural honey can also be detrimental just as date sugar.Freshly pressed sugar cane juice,consumed directly is healthy. A combination of excessive consumption of animal protein and grain flour / starchy foods are also contributory to physical degeneration leading to dental problems.
Preventive measures through education on " natural hygiene" diet , which is specific as opposed to what we hear from " official sources " is needed.
One such project has already been established ..... I believe it is called ..."Natural health regenration and diet " situated at Cape Coast or Takoradi ? ....I'm not sure of the exact location. The ex-minister under previous NPP gov't Mr. Courage Quashigah, did promote this preventive health measure project:..... natural organic diet, less aninal protein / starch ,more green vegetable & fruits, physical excercise....running / walking, aerobics and fasting regime under supervision, for detoxification of the body.

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Re:Good point
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samuel Tackie(London)
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