General News of Saturday, 17 April 2010

Source: Daily Guide

Sex At Gunpoint - NDC MP Accused!

THE TROUBLES of a 23-year-old lady, Sylvia, who accused Captain George Nfodjoh, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Ho Central of sexually abusing her, appear to be far from over, as the Tema Police Regional Criminal Investigations Department has preferred four charges against her.

The charges, according to a DAILY GUIDE source at the Command, were “Deceit of Public Officer, Blackmailing, Defrauding and Disgrace to Womanhood”.

Some of the charges had been described as outlandish by legal practitioners, prompting the Police Headquarters in Accra to wade into the controversy with a directive to the Tema Regional Command to wash its hands off the case.

According to Sylvia, Captain Nfodjoh admitted at the police station that he had sex with her but denied pulling a pistol on her.

However, Sylvia is standing her ground, insisting that the NDC MP threatened her with a pistol which he pulled out of his pocket and placed at the bedside before having sex with her.

Meanwhile, a police source told DAILY GUIDE that Sylvia, who had earlier reported a complaint of sexual abuse to the Sakumono Police Station, was referred to the Harbour Police in Tema, where she was expected to have her case investigated.

When she went there, she was slapped with four charges and arrested and then later granted bail.

Sylvia yesterday told Adom FM morning show host Ekuorba Gyasi that she soon saw Captain Nfodjoh at the police station talking to some of the police officers, after which one of them asked her how much she wanted for compensation.

“Thinking that they wanted to help solve the problem, I mentioned GH¢3,000 and was later surprised to realize that four charges were being preferred against me, who had rather been sexually abused by the MP,” she remarked on the radio station.

She also decried the attitude of some of the policemen and women at the station, who according to her, made derogatory remarks about her.

Another drama was soon enacted when the Police Public Relations Directorate announced that the Sakumono and Harbour police had been asked to wash their hands off the case and refer the docket to the CID Headquarters, because of the apparent embarrassment the case was creating for the police.

Sylvia narrated how Captain Nfodjoh, who claimed to be a family friend, raped her when she accompanied him to his house.

The MP had insisted that he wanted her to see his family so she could check in anytime for support, she said.

But on entering the house through the garage, she alleged that the MP pulled a pistol and pointed it at her face and asked her not to be ‘stubborn’.

According to Sylvia, the MP repeated the act at a guest house when he cajoled her into going there under the pretext of apologizing for his earlier ‘by force’ sexual act.

The MP, after the series of unprotected sexual acts, refused to pick her calls and left her to her fate, she said.

Sylvia further explained to listeners that the MP offered her a lift home after persistent refusal on her part one evening, when she had closed from work.

She intimated that after he alighted at her home, after getting to know that she was the daughter of a former colleague at a place where he had worked, the MP later visited and requested to take her for an outing.

She noted that later that night in the MP’s house, he pulled a pistol on her after she had declined to allow him to have sex with her, adding that she was too terrified. “Because I didn’t want Captain Nfodjoh to harm me, I agreed and said ‘ok protect yourself’, but he said, ‘no, no’, he is not going to use any condom so he had sex with me like that, raw”.

She claimed that after the incident, Captain Nfodjoh prescribed a drug for her to go buy and when she asked for money for the drug, he snubbed her and drove off after the shameful act.

Sylvia told the Adom FM morning show host that even though she did not struggle with the MP, she felt she was raped because she had to do it against her wish.

She declined the assertion that she was trying to unjustifiably malign the MP because he refused to give her money after their love-making, adding that she did that fearing that if she refused, he might harm her with his pistol.

Sylvia was also quick to point to the host that she never asked him for anything. “I have never done that. Since I met him, he has never given me even five pesewas.

“I have decided to break my silence because I feel insulted by Captain Nfodjoh who has objectified me to satisfy his sexual desires without recourse to my emotions and feelings,” she stated.

On the issue about whether the MP was not her lover, she denied having a love relationship with him and stated that if they were in a relationship, the MP would not have done the things he did to her and rhetorically asked: “How can you be treating your girlfriend like this?”

She claimed that she had the MP on video, naked and could prove it if she was asked to do so.

Just as the show was going on, the host announced that the Police Headquarters in Accra wanted it announced that both the Sakumono and the Harbour police stations had been instructed to suspend investigations into the alleged sex abuse on the lady by the MP, adding that the docket had been asked to be referred to the headquarters for investigations.

Most listeners who later called into the show blasted the police for what they termed unfair treatment of the lady.

At the time of going to press, DAILY GUIDE was told that some lawyers had called the radio station and expressed their willingness to offer free legal service to the lady. The lawyers had noted that they were willing to meet the lady and listen to her side of the story.

Sylvia’s story made headlines recently when it was reported that she had been sexually abused by the MP who himself has been quiet on the issue.