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Statement by New Patriotic Party

Comment: We were here in Ghana

Nsem fon Ahi
2010-04-08 03:47:22
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satan comparing his character with God!

We were here in Ghana when one of the most viable project in the country that would have not only employed people but also reduce rice import became an evil just because the NPP wanted to put Victor Selomey, Kwame Preprah, Ibhrahim Adam behind bars. Even the then Minister of Agric Courage Quashigah said it was the most viable project in the counry. All the NDC thugs that were hated by NPP were jailed for nothing which even led to the death of Victor Selomey. Victor's death was not announced and he was buried like a cockroach just because he was hated. As if that is not enough Dan Abodakpi and Tsatsu Tsikata were jailed under dubious circumstances. The NPP justified all these unfortunate action at that time. Today what are they telling us? Thank God President Mills is not vindictive but also caring and forgiving. Even if it was Nana Addo, some of his NPP colleagues would be in jail by now. I don't believe in 'an eye for an eye'. The NDC must be very circumpective because we Ghanaian are one family. My wife is a strong NPP lady but I am not. So it should not be we and them, we are one people and one nation. I sorry for the NPP, when Rawlings is saying Mills is slow they joined the same song but now they are complaining. What did they understand by Rawlings saying Mills is slow that they too started repeating it. The NPP should have said Mills is slow and we like it but not to have condemmed Mills as being slow

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04-08 02:00
We were here in Ghana
Nsem fon Ahi
04-08 03:47