Entertainment of Friday, 19 February 2010

Source: Daily Guide

Another Ghanaian "Porn" Movie Out Soon

Muda Filmz, a new production company, is likely to stir-up fresh controversy in Ghana’s movie industry as it contributes to the recent spate of increasingly explicit pictures with its film ‘Kiss Me If You Can’.

The movie’s trailer, which is currently available on YouTube, is causing quite a stir as indications are that the level of exposure, in terms of nudity, is much more than that of motion pictures like ‘Heart of Men’ and ‘Love and Sex’.

But the movie’s director, Kobi of pop music trio Rana fame, told BEATWAVES on Wednesday that the movie, in terms of exposure, is just like any other adult movie on Ghanaian screens. However, with the quality, he emphasized, “We don’t want to compare this movie to any normal movie on the market.

‘Kiss Me If You Can’ is a story you cannot predict. It is full of merciless tension which will stop you from blinking till the end. The dialogues are mature and striking. The acting is explosive. It is an amazing mixture of comedy, thriller and tragedy. You will not forget it in a millennium”, he pointed out.

The movie stars Prince David Osei, Martha Ankomah, Eddy Nartey, veteran actress Doris Sackitey, Roselyn Ngissah and Kobi himself. Marcus McCarthy, Mariam Addo, Ruweida Yakubu and Norbile Narbor, among others, make up the rest of the cast.

Kobi said the intensity of the acting is a bit more refined because the cast worked very hard on the production, and that is pretty obvious in the trailer. Scheduled to hit the screens very soon, the movie tells the story of Ray (David Prince Osei) and Sharon (Martha Ankomah), both victims of broken hearts, who have vowed never to fall in love again.

When Ray meets Sharon he falls helplessly in love with her, but she rejects his proposal. After fruitlessly trying all means to win her heart, Ray seeks help from a dangerous source. He makes a deadly mistake and must now fight for his life. What transpires after and where the sexually explicit scenes come in are attention-grabbing aspects to watch out for.