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Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

Comment: This Is A Kitchen-Sink Drama

Ebin Anaa Eta
2009-11-05 10:51:24
Comment to:
oil destiny is in our hands

If the above article is correct or at least somewhat correct, the MESS is inter-twined in PONZI, and there is no turning back; all in the name of GREED!
Yes, there is oil; we have not seen the colour and it's 2years away, but it's been split in many denominations with the mother country unsure of its position.
One can predict, there's a legal battle in the making! How did we come to this! The verything we have been trying, all along, to avoid, it's now here searching for us!
We are at the cross point; our politicians must stop singing how the oil will solve the problems and put enough cash in every pocket on the land. It's misleading, but it's an attempt to win the public support.
What these politicians are not aware of, is the short live span, followed by an ugly scenery which we don't want any part of.
We are not at liberty to know the details involved and predictably, so are our politicians at the signing table, which could turn up to be a one man signatory, supported by a bunch of present individuals.
Does the NIGER delta ring a bell! And will this thing be a curse or a blessing.

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11-05 00:18
This Is A Kitchen-Sink Drama
Ebin Anaa Eta
11-05 10:51