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Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

Comment: Watch out, NDC!

Kwame Badu
2009-11-05 06:53:33
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Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

This Atta Mills Govt. is not trying kraa; a team B cabinet led by a lame duck president. Bring back the NDC "big guns" and intelligentia and start running the country properly and get rid of the peurile, foot-in-mouth, T B Joshua-worshipping, Michael Jackson-admiring ministers we have at present or we (NDC) will loose the next election. We are becoming a laughing-stock. Are there no competent technocrats out there that we can call on? These team B people need to be replaced ASAP. We seem to have spent more time in chasing second-hand cars than dealing with the nitty-gritty of governance. Guys, pull your fingers out and start performing!!

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11-05 00:18
Watch out, NDC!
Kwame Badu
11-05 06:53