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Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

Comment: This is no mess.

Isaac Kusi, Bx. NY
2009-11-05 04:30:29
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Re: Big Guns Stay Clear of Jubilee ‘Mess’ in Ghana

These companies are facing honest and brilliant intellectual African leaders for the first time who have the interest of the country at heart and won't take any bribes. Folks, go and check the history of these companies. They are comfortable where they can have their way. There are only a few major players, Dutch owned Shell,British owned BP (British Petroleum) French owned Elf, American Owned ExxonMobile, Russian owned Lukoil, Chinese owned Sinopec Venezuelan Citgo,Italian Agip and a few others.They connive to control the price of oil from drilling to marketing. We are paying $2.85 per gallon in NYC for regular gas. Reason being the Chinese and Indians are buying all the gasoline. But in October 2008, prior to the US elections, the price dropped to $1.20/gal. What happened? Did the Chinese and Indians stop buying during that period? No. Exxonmobile has been making $10 billion per quarter, because we sheepishly without complaint,go to the pump and pay for it. Venezuela controls her oil and sells in the country for pennies to her citizens. Venezuela sells at a discount to other countries in the Caribean. Even in the US, it sells heating oil to Massachusetts to low income families as well as in NYC. through a program run by the Kennedy family. If you read Sam Jonah's article on Sept. 16, he says we have all the people needed to drill our own oil. So GNPC should go ahead and negotiate properly so that we can do that. Why do people still believe in subservience and servitude. Where is the true meaning of our independence if we can't embark on pursuing these big tasks? We are presently getting 3% for our gold and giving away 97%. But we expect other people to give us loans and grants so that we can provide good drinking water. The byproducts from refining can help us a lot. Bitumin for our roads, petrolatum,and the plastics industries.
There is a new gatekeeper in town taking care of the country's business and he is a Law professor. If you are coming to do genuine business, you are welcome. Else go where corruption thrives.

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11-05 00:18
This is no mess.
Isaac Kusi, Bx. NY
11-05 04:30