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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

Comment: To the Chinese..

Kpakpo USA
2009-10-13 08:27:17
Comment to:
YES, GO WITH CHINA !!!!!!!!!!!

I have no knowledge of the terms of the contracts, but if the Chinese believes the "country with the resource owns the resource"; I believe Ghana in the end would wish to own it back, what is rightly hers.
Folks, when are we going to learn? Don't we realise how foolish we look because we don't have subject matter expects to make the right decisions? Do we need Morgan Stanley to decide for us? How difficult is it to summise a comparative analysis? Why is it that we cannot trust our own in this regards? I was in school with a few of these PhD disciplines and it therefore baffles me.
Folks, 23% + 14% is damn good. There is some leverage here.

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10-12 18:21
To the Chinese..
Kpakpo USA
10-13 08:27