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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

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2009-10-13 04:40:12
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Re: Never China

Yes, if we have to choose, I would choose China.

They will help us build super highways on the cheap, and they will live modestly while doing it.

Other than their eastern corridor, most of China is still agrarian.
They understand how it is to be poor.
They understand us.

Everybody looks down on us because of our skin colour, so whether West or East, that will not change.

The West has had 567 years in Africa.
Let's give the populistic East (China), not the oligharchic East (Russia) a chance.

My orders of preference:

1. GNPC 100%.
2. GNPC 80, CNOOC 20.
3. GNPC 60, CNOOC 20, EXXON 20.

Morgan Stanley as our consultants?
We're finished.
We will never be able to drain enough oil to pay them.

20 years frrom now, do not say we did not warn you. The Biafrans are messed up big-time.

I would take humanistic capitalism, not crass capitalism.

Beware of EXXON's negative environmental reputation.

We're dead !!!

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