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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

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NUUMO K, washington dc
2009-10-13 00:59:59
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Terribly Sp is JJ's Dog washer

Please, please, please! Fellow Forumers, this is not the time for insults and name-calling. Now is the time for everybody in whose veins flows Ghanaian blood to put on their thinking cap and come up with suggestions that might lead to good solutions. If we do not, at this stage, supply any inputs to help reshape the otherwiise sordid trend of the unfolding events at these early stages, Ghana will be the ultimate loser, and our country would be woefully pledged to the subservience of foreign powers.

Look, now Kosmos is seeking Four billion dollars for its shares and interest in the Jubilee oil field. In terms of today's market price of oil, what volume of the whole oil discovery does that represent? How many years' production would yield that amount of money for us to be able to break even before our people start seeing any benefit of the oil to our nation? It is obvious that Ghana does not have four billion dollars now under its belt to scoop and buy out Kosmos. You will then see that the GNPC's stance is an empty bluff. What might probably happen would be that our country would go cap-in-hand to borrow from several sources to which we, our children and our country would ultimately be economically and politically committed.

We are not being told if the four billion dollar severance being sought by Kosmos represents its 31 per cent share in the West Cape Three Points fields, or whether that includes its 18 per cent share interest in the Deepwater Tanor Block Offshore. But four billion dollars for a small country like Ghana, is tremendous.

Let us be careful that our country is not mortgaged to foreign interest to the detriment of our people. Our plight would then be worse than that of Nigeria and Angola.

Let those who claim to have all the degrees and expertise - and here are hundreds and thousands of theme everywhere on this planet - do the analysis and come out with the best solutions that might shine light into the gloomy situation that is developing over Ghana now.

Let us stop the insults, insinuations and name-calling and start thinking, please.

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10-12 18:21
Re: Terribly Sp is JJ's Dog washer
NUUMO K, washington dc
10-13 00:59