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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

Comment: Look at both records

Abeeku Mensah
2009-10-12 21:48:10
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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

China, as a country has a government that has proven time and time again it does not care about its own citizens. The government has stood by while Chinese businesses polluted rivers and streams. These polluted and toxic rivers and streams are making Chinese citizens who depend on those streams and rivers as their only source of water are causing a great number of birth defects and different ailments. The Chinese government has also shown that it does not care and will not hesitate to uproot thousands of its own citizens without just compensation if it wants something.
What makes Ghana and its incompetent elected officials think China would give a rats ass about Ghana, its government and the Ghanaian way of life if and when a contract is signed? Remember China has a veto power in the UN, and have not used its veto on any vote that is in the interest of any African nation. China is about China. Ghanaians who read and listen to world news would know how the Chinese industries have used poisonous additives in toothpaste, food products for humans and animals alike and even in toy products that are harmful to children. China is in the game to win not to help any nation but itself. If any of Ghana's foolish MP's dare favor a Chinese takeover of Ghana's industries and assets they will live to regret. It is China that is slowly bringing even the sole greatest nation on earth, the USA, to its economic, industrial and production knees. Somehow Ghanaians want to tangle with them. Go ahead make their day.

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10-12 18:21
Look at both records
Abeeku Mensah
10-12 21:48