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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

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2009-10-12 20:54:57
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Never China

That is why strong regulation and body that will constantly check their operation whether the're within the line, proper eviron mental and employment rules should put in place for them comply, license shd be issued by renewal method, twice in every ten yrs. America human rigts is far better than China, don't forget hanging and execution was practice in Britain than anywhere on earth, in every revolution u have step on somebody's toes, this was reason why people like didn't understand Nkrumah, and probably Rawlings, oit come wth cost and the benefit is in abandunce. That was path China took and look at them today they will buy the world including US. I think we have to start using the brains God have given us.

God bless Ghana
Nkrumah never dies

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Re: Never China
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