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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

Comment: Oh my brother!!

2009-10-12 20:24:09
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Be Careful!!

Oh my brothe rforget.
We have none of such people.We used to have some but they are brain dead now.
Those that are still good have either run away to europe or or they are afraid to speak for fear of the veil politicians.
We are doomed.
Lets the sramble for africa (ghana) begin.
you see how these greedy oil tycoons did not put a pesewa in the project but look how are the scrambling for a pice of the african pie like vultures and as usual the african man is dazed by them and is more confused than ever.
We are doomed for life as africans. I am no prohet of doom but you know sometimes the truth hurts.

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10-12 18:21
Oh my brother!!
10-12 20:24