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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

Comment: Oh My Good GOD

2009-10-12 20:16:06
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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

The scramble for africa continue even into the 21sth century and our brain dead leaders have no clue and vision yet they want to be presidents and parliamentarians.
I am really saddened.
Ghana has been taping tricklings of oil from this area for at least two decades before this so called oil discovery by Kosmos and others.
We already knew the damned thing was there and yet we have to call the obroni to come and confirm it only to give us 12 to 14% and now we are talking trying to find money to buy from them what was rightfully ours and our heritage at grand prize of 4 billion dollars.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah
What a bunch of 24 million idiots.
I am overwhlmed with this.
Wow,wonder will never end in africa
I am suggesting we sell the whole property call Ghana and you guys give me me my share.
Ha ha ha ha ha

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10-12 18:21
Oh My Good GOD
10-12 20:16