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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

Comment: Be Careful!!

2009-10-12 19:43:59
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Fight For Ghana's Oil: Exxon vs China

Our government has to be careful. I hope they really know what they are doing. ...least the mess up big time.

This is not really about Kosmos, need to understand how Blackstone and Warbuorg Pincus are structured and operate.

You just cannot say you don't like the Americans, then run to Morgan Stanley for advice.

It worries me that our leaders MAY do a bad deal. Do we have experts or knowledgeable people at the finance and energy ministries having up to date know how current investment banking practices, in Private Equity, Hedge funds, derivatives?

I am troubled!

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10-12 18:21
Be Careful!!
10-12 19:43