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Govt studying Exxon-Kosmos deal

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2009-10-08 13:23:51
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Akosua, the reality of the issue is that, for a reputable company to put money on the table as an investment, there are some things needed. There has to be a virifiable proof that there is ENOUGH carbon deposits, I say ENOUGH because investors want return on their investment. Where does the proof come from? Ghana Government through GNPC did a thorough seismic survey in Ghana. Data of the survey is collected, collated and interpreted. This takes years to do. GNPC went further to compare their info with other experts from Nigeria and Norway just to be sure. Remember that this involves purchase of modern expensive equipments, training of locals who are in position to handle and deal with situations without any one pulling wool over their eyes. GNPC then put these info before the world businees community for investment since Ghana government is not in a position to come up with money to buy enough drill rigs, pay enough workers who will do the drilling until they struck oil enough to be pumped out. All these take many years to accomplish, therefore, all who've been involved from the word get go till today need commendation.

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