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Govt studying Exxon-Kosmos deal

Comment: Kojo Tamakloe

2009-10-08 10:57:40
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Kojo, I am interested in this area of oil & gas, and I follow developments from a global perspective.

I would not describe my self as political - frankly I think our leaders both NDC & NPP are a huge let drown! They seems not to be conscious/ abreast of current thinking in world economics, business and finance. Meanwhile we are broke. If you are poor, you learn from others. We don't seem to learn

I do not know what the exact remit of GNPC is. ..Excuse my ignorance on this, but the "Petroleum" in the name perhaps suggests that if there is no petroleum in the country, they do nothing - may be they exploring for sources of petroleum

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Kojo Tamakloe
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