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Govt studying Exxon-Kosmos deal

Comment: MKO

2009-10-08 09:13:04
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How it works - AKOSUA

The basic facts are as follows:

The NDC gov't sees George Owusu as an NPP man who brought COSMOS to Ghana. This was the time when GNPC was almost dead and there was very little hope for any oil find. Now that Ghana has struck oil throuhg the efforts of KOSMOS and their partners, Mills and Ato Ahwoi now know that they harvest from where they have not sown.

With Ato Ahwoi as the GNPC board chairman, the govt is hiding behind a Chinese company, trying to twist the arms of KOSMOS, to sell its shares to "GNPC" so they can "reap" his benefits from the "sale".

Kosmos knows about this trick and therefore they have decided to sell their stake to Exxon Mobil.

Ato Ahwoi and GNPC will do everything to stop KOSMOS from selling their stake to Exxon Mobile.

I can assure you that this case may end up at the international court and therefore delay the extraction of oil in Ghana to the detriment of all of us. This is simply because some people want to be greedy.

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