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Environmental Impact Assessment Of Jubilee Field And Matters Arising


Marcus Ampadu
2009-10-09 16:43:22
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Environmental Impact Assessment Of Jubilee Field A

The Oil and Gas business anywhere in the world has also revealed maleficent side-effects, usually deleterious, unintended consequences that have hurt people, plants, animals, and aesthetics.

And the earlier we anticipate and get a handle on some of these negative effects the better.

For example, we need to think about the likely defiling impacts on the aquatic ecosystems of the area, we need to anticipate, God forbid, likely accidents, we need to think about some of the transformative changes that will take place in the littoral villages and towns, and plan ahead how we are going to handle the likely impacts on the diverse organisms in the area.
Onuah Ellimah's paper has aptly set the stage for us to begin seriously to plan for some of the consequences - intended and unintended - of Jubilee Field and its environs.

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Marcus Ampadu
10-09 16:43