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World Bank Free Market Policy Duplicity | (comment 4477153)
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World Bank Free Market Policy Duplicity

Comment: Free Market

2009-02-06 02:36:37
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World Bank Free Market Policy Duplicity

it is interesting your comments about printing money to solve our economic problems. What you have forgotten is that,it does not make sense to print 'more' money into the economy when inflation is high.The UK gov't is printing money cos the there is deflation which means it make sense to do this policy.
On your criticism on free market as opposed to socialist agenda, we can't copy the likes of Hugo Chavez,Fidel Castro,or China which takes the people right for granted.Moreso,all these countries practising socialist idealogies end up enriching themselves by living comfortable at the expense of people.
In all cases, they ended up providng second/third rated services to the populace.Take for instance before the NPP came to power one have to queue for days/months b4 Ghana Telecom would provide that person a fixed line.What is happening now is that GT/Vodafone is providing free calls to customers during weekends.This thing would never happened under socialis/communist gov't.
Even China and Lybia have opened their economy for the private sector participation.

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Free Market
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