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Investigate Kwamena Bartels - CPP

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2008-05-27 21:54:43
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Junior PHD

"The new NDC as they want us to believe is pro-poor via their so-called Social democratic slogan.

It baffles me that for close to 20 years, they could not find their social democratic credentials. As fate has it, now they are in opposition and want to hoodwink Ghanaians with this façade of an ideology which they never believed in until now. What is the catch? Give us the mandate and then we practice social democracy, they singing. Are these arrogant and violent characters of P(NDC) to be believed at all? I do not think so.

Putting forward a terminally ill and thrice defeated poodle, to savage their fortunes against the backdrop of internal bickering and petty squabbles within the NPP, which in spite of unfavourable world indices have cushion the these shocks, is indeed a mockery of the Ghanaian people. They appear to have no message at all."

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operation cold chop
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