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Kwamena Bartels Dismissed!

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nana kwabena buruwaa
2008-05-24 10:48:46
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Re: Kwamena Bartels Dismissed!

Who's Mr. Kwamena Bartels? Is he the MP which was once circulated to have dished some lucrative deals to the daughter without proper and normal procedure? Hopefully he is not relieved of his post due to some shady deals.This is a classic example which was to be emulated by Ex-President JJ.Rawlings in the latter days of his administration when his corrupt ministers were amassing illegal wealth to themselves which I believe was the prime motivation of his house-cleaning campaign of June 4, 1979 to Jan 8, 2000. This courage of President John Agyekum Kufuor is well deserved and pray to be emulated by all future leaders of Ghana and all those who are entrusted with positions of influence.

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Re: Kwamena Bartels Dismissed!
nana kwabena buruwaa
05-24 10:48