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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

Comment: "Ghanaweb" = Ghana's morons

Tylenol, USA
2008-02-23 13:43:13
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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

What has this picture of half naked prostitutes got to do with the election news? I strongly suspect that these girls may not even be Ghanaians. Some of us after getting opportunity to live in the developed world turn around and literally shit on Ghana, forgetting that however unfortunate the nation might be she is trying her best and this is where we were born and we still have family ties there. This attitude appears to typify the BUNCH OF FOOLS AND ASSHOLES who operate and/or own Ghanaweb.

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"Ghanaweb" = Ghana's morons
Tylenol, USA
02-23 13:43