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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians


Young Bajan Lion
2008-02-23 08:41:34
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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians


I am very glad to hear this.

Common sense has prevailed at last. I hope it NEVER gets implemented.

There are Ghanaians living all over the world, many of them illegally, and hardly any of them paying any taxes to the countries. (Note that I said TAXES, not remittances to their families in Ghana.) There is a famous historical slogan which says "No Taxation Without Representation". In the case of Ghana and the ill-conceived ROPAL, it should be "No Representation Without Taxation", meaning that only Ghanaians living abroad who pay taxes to Ghana should be granted the right to cast votes in Ghanaian elections.

There are several Ghanaians living here in Barbados. Would Ghana provide the means for them to vote in this Caribbean island and also in every other Caribbean island?

We all know about Ghanaians in the USA, but the USA is a very big country, with dozens of states, and thousands of cities. Obviously you cannot have just ONE polling centre in the USA where voting would take place, and perhaps hot even one polling centre in each state would be sufficient. What about Ghanaians in Lebanon, in Togo, in South Africa, in Iceland, in Japan, in Nigeria, in the Gambia, in Australia? Who will provide the materials and staff required to arrange and conduct the polling in each country?

Only after time and money has been wasted putting this thing through parliament, and sending people off on a free "trip" to God-knows-where, have these Ghanaian government idiots woken up to the reality that providing voting booths for Ghanaians living everywhere in the world outside Ghana is an expensive and troublesome undertaking which makes no sense at all.

If Ghanaians want to vote, let them come home and do so, at least they will be contributing something to the country just be returning to spend some money while there.

It is always wise, when planning any action, to think carefully about what it will cost to do so, how you will do it, and what will happen after you do it. It is quite obvious that those who pushed ROPAL did not think about it wisely at all.

Those who are true to Ghana will not just want to vote there, they will want to live there too and make their own personal contributions to its development, so they would never be found dwelling in someone else's country.

Nuff Respect,
Young Bajan.

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