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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

Comment: Trashing Ghana & loving abroad

2008-02-23 07:30:10
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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

Wow!! why on earth everyone on this site is trashing Ghana. Is this done by Ghanaians themselves or from outsiders watching from the sidelines? By the way, I'm a Sierra Leonean living in New york city and I urge Ghanaians to realize how far they've come. The world is changing rapidly and African Governments are especially facing greater challenges changing with the times. African governments should not even pretend they can manage votes taken from their citizens, even from a neighboring country...It won't work.
Ghana and Sierra Leone have alot in common and both countries have made tremendous progress over the years but there is much to be done. I realize one thing though, trashing ones' country is not going to help the situation, instead I suggest that those ghanaians that have settle abroad for so long should ask themselves not what their country can do for them at this point, but what they can do for their country. Some of the guys criticizing the government have not been to Ghana for ages and are clueless about any situation in Ghana and frankly, they dont actually care what happens over there. These are the same guys that can't even manage their own resources abroad. If you are one of them, take a look at yourself and step up to the plate by returning home to Ghana and maybe, just maybe, you may find something, anything you can make a difference in. Godbless.

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Trashing Ghana & loving abroad
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