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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

Comment: Re-Emefa Mohammed

The Stallion
2008-02-22 10:40:01
Comment to:
mali senegal poor countries?

I was delighted by your observation and analysis of "the Ghanaian." I have been living in NY for over 10 years but have never seen such accurate and intelligent analysis from anyone before. I praise your intelligence.

As soon as one steps out of the shores of Gh, one observes immediately how divided Ghanaians are -- I wonder!
Let me tell you something about these Mali, Senegal, that you despise. If one gets a job somewhere, he/she makes sure all his/her countrymen/women who are unemployed...
I was admitted to a hospital (name witheld) and within 24 hours, I was asking if the hospital belonged to the Nigerian government.
We need to remind ourselves that a divided people can never make it. This NPP/NDC or tribal cries will continue with us for the rest of our lives.

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Re-Emefa Mohammed
The Stallion
02-22 10:40