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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

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Ernest Opoku Agyeman
2008-02-22 10:24:57
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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

I really do not understand why a party or people should demonstrate against the voting rights of people living outside our mother land. I think our brothers should be aware that we are contributing in a manner they are doing at home to build our motherland. Secondly, the votes are not for a single party. Thirdly, these voting exercise if extended to us, we will everyday, time and second think about our country even though we are not there in person. Finally, if we are allowed to elect, we will have the opportunity to voice out when something is going wrong.
Thank you.

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Re: You no go vote -EC to Diasporians
Ernest Opoku Agyeman
02-22 10:24