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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

Comment: "Good Idea for 2008, But Resurrect for 2012"

2008-02-22 10:20:39
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I've lived in Europe (Germany & the UK), Canada and currently in the US. Knowing what I know by dealing with Ghana Embassies for things such as:

1) Seeking basic information (nobody answers the phones);

2) Passport services (acquisitions and renewals);

3) Visa applications (for non-Ghanaians); and

4) Dealing with attitudes at these Embassies; etc., etc

--All tell me that they're not even 25% prepared ready for a major undertaking as the implementation of ROPAL. A lot of logistical machination, hard work and cooperation from Ghanaians living abroad, etc., would definitely be needed to achieve, maybe, 30 to 35% participation.

However, I ain't got no damn business to travel to Ghana just to vote. I would rather send all the money that would involve such a trip to family members to help them, because vote or no vote, the same OFFICIAL CORRUPTION, ARROGANCE, INCOMPETENCE and bureaucratic MUMBO JUMBO are still shaking up in that Mickey Flick (Ghana), so why waste my time??

If the EC Negroes don?t play ?grasshopper?the more time ahead syndrome?, but rather begin earnestly to work up this, they may succeed for a healthy implementation of ROPAL in the United States and several European countries in 2012. For 2008, heck, forget the damn thing. Good Luck, though.


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"Good Idea for 2008, But Resurrect for 2012"
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