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You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

Comment: mali senegal poor countries?

emefa mohammed
2008-02-22 06:37:16
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Re: You no go vote -EC to Diasporians

All those countries you named, their people are WAY MORE UNITED than ghanaians are. Actually every other african country is more united than ghana.

Look at the africans in abrokyire (U.S for example)- the sengalese are known for their bootleg market operations and they WORK TOGETHER.

The guinea peoples work the taxis very well and they WORK TOGETHER. Mali natives, bond as well very well.

What do ghanaians do, they compete with each other by opening AFRICAN MARKETS right next to each other on the same damn ave/street.

"Ei joe, have you seen ama's store, people are buying the thing paaa oh - ah chalay me too i go do some"

and now the result is 300 african markets within a 5 mile radius. So now, apart from the very big markets NO ONE is making money from that business (really). That's a ghanaian for you -

What exactly does ghana have? HUGE debt, CORRUPT government, HIGH CRIME RATE (people are robbed, hands cut off etc just for damn mobile phone, SHABBY cell service, non existent civil service, mis management, and the list goes on and on.

So, if you think just because some yankee president visited ghana, and the institutions that help impoverish gh, claim ghana is doing well and give it some school grade "credit" rating then i'm sorry to inform you the joke is on you.

Why do you think ALL the large businesses in ghana are not owned by ghanaman/ghanawoman??????

The same reason teh gh govt institutions like telecom is run by kwesi broni...........

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mali senegal poor countries?
emefa mohammed
02-22 06:37